Welcome to Savannah Pressure Washing! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to present our service to you! Our team is honored to serve all of our customers at the highest level, resulting in 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! We utilize only the latest in exterior cleaning equipment and technology, that allow us to offer our clients the best cleaning process in the business. With our high quality cleaning techniques and procedures, we can completely remove all algae, dirt, mold, mildew and pollen build-up to give your home the shine it deserves. Our methods include soft-washing, using a low pressure, gentle cleaning process with eco-friendly soaps to remove all surface contaminants.

The list of different services we currently offer include: house washing, roof debris removal, roof washing, concrete cleaning, gutter cleaning, gutter brightening, fence cleaning and rust removal.

Protect and Increase the Value of Your Property. It has been statistically proven in the real estate market that a well maintained property can yield up to a 10 – 15% higher resell value. Now, that’s something to smile about!
We are Fully Licensed and Insured including General Liability, Worker’s Compensation and Commercial Auto Coverage.

(For our H.O.A. and Multi-Unit Property Management Clients)
We now have the capabilities to use city water sources (Fire Hydrants) so we no longer need water access from residential buildings and units personal water spigots which will result in no resident incurring a higher than normal water bill.

Our service areas include Savannah, Pooler, Richmond Hill, Hinesville, Port Wentworth, Garden City, Rincon, Springfield, Guyton, Statesboro, Bluffton, Beaufort, Hilton Head Island, Skidaway Island, Wilmington Island and many more…

Getting your property regularly washed is going to be something that is vital if you want to keep the value of your home up. The longer you wait to get something washed, the more it is going to break down and the higher chance you will need to replace it. At our power washing company, we have been offering power washing services since we began. It is our oldest and most successful service that we have offered over the years. We have been able to help hundreds of clients in helping them clean up their property.

Some of the most popular things people use power washing on is going to be sidewalks and decks, but there is a good chance we will be able to wash anything, just bring it up to us ahead of coming. We have the best quality hoses and use high pressure to wash inbetween hard to reach places like cracks and holes, and then we also have special soap and other cleaners to just mop up the overall appearance outside.

The more than you power wash your property, the better off it is going to look, and the cheaper it will cost in the future to clean. Make sure to get in touch with us soon so we can schedule your power wash cleaning, and feel free to ask any questions you might possibly have!

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